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From Mars!!!
Under Reconstruction

Members: Thor - Guitar, Scott - Bass, Todd (not the one pictured above) - Drums

What Are We? We are a San Diego surf band. We'll have music up soon. Sign the guestbook:

Covers: Bombora (by the Atlantics), Hava Nagila (Traditional Hebrew song, played Dick Dale style), Having an Average Weekend (by Shadowy Men From A Shadowy Planet), Our Favorite Martian (by the Bobby Fuller Four), Pipeline (by The Chantays), Popcorn (by Hot Butter), Surfari (by the Original Surfaris), Surf Rider (by The Lively Ones), Misirlou (Traditional Greek song, played Dick Dale style), Walk Don't Run (as done by The Ventures), The Wedge (by Dick Dale)

Contact: for booking or anything.