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Saturday, Feb. 9th 2002 @ The Xanth!
   Serial Carpens, Suntower, Monsters From Mars,
   Black Shadow, Fallen Out
   $7 at the door/$5 presale (from us)
   Starts at 7pm, All-ages
   Flyer (3.75x5" @ 160 dpi)
Notes: This was a great first show. I forgot to unlock my reverb pan and didn't notice till the last song, but I think we sounded great anyways. Somebody lost a bunch of the presale tickets so we had to pay for them, which sucked. Setlist: Pollution In the Ocean, Walk Don't Run, Our Favorite Martian, Surfari, Misirlou + Hava Nagila, It Came From Red Alert, Halloween (Misfits), Happy In a Cage, Coated In Oil, Untitled, Coca-Cola Death Squad

Thursday, May 9th 2002 @ The Xanth!
   Hide and Go Freak, The Insecticides,
   Monsters From Mars, and Electro Crypt.
   7:00pm - $7 - All Ages
   Flyer (
Notes: Fairly large crowd considering that it was a thursday. Setlist: kenzIntro, May Gaya, Untitled Spaghetti Western, Well Trained to Play Catch, Happy in a Cage, Voo Doo Juice, Filibuster on the Dance Floor, Misirlou, Our Favorite Martian, It Came from Red Alert, Surf Rider, Surfari, Coca-Cola death Squad. Encore: Walk Don't Run, and then a spontaneous breakout into Monster Mash.

Sunday, June 16th 2002 @ James O'Looney's Graduation Party!
   With James O'Looney on second guitar.
   We went on a little past 5:30
Notes: This was a blast. We played outdoors with James switching between rythem and lead parts. Summer is just starting for us and playing surf outdoors on such a hot day just felt right. We tried a to play little more mellow/more trad and it sounded great, especially on songs like Voo Doo Juice and Walk Don't Run. Setlist: Voo Doo Juice, Misirlou + Hava Nagila, Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme, Happy In A Cage, Coated In Oil, Walk Don't Run, Our Favorite Martian, Pollution in the Ocean, It Came From Red Alert, Pipeline, Coca-Cola Death Squad, Filibuster on the Dance Floor, Hava Nagila (again).

Saturday, July 6 @ A Party at Billy's House
   With some cover band. Two sets.
   Arrived at 1:45 PM, played later.
Notes: Another fun outdoors-in-the-sun party. I've decided that this is the way surf should be. The people loved it, it was a blast for everybody. I'm not sure the exact order of the songs in the setlists, especially the first one.
Setlist, Set 1: Pipeline, Walk Don't Run, Coated In Oil, Our Favorite Martian, Bombora (the Atlantics), Popcorn, Having an Average Weekend, Avanti, My Barometer Collection, Misirlou into Hava Nagila, Untitled song, Don't Go.
Setlist, Set 2: Mar Gaya, Pollution in the Ocean, Well Trained to Play Catch, Happy In A Cage, Filibuster on the Dance Floor, Untitled Spaghetti Western, Voo Doo Juice, Surfari, Surf Rider, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV show) theme song, Coca-Cola Death Squad, It Came From Red Alert, Shake'n'Stomp, Misirlou.

Saturday, Sept. 7th 2002 @ the Che Cafe!
   w/the Volcanics & the Surf Kings
   $5 at the door
   Starts at 8pm, All-ages
Notes: It was fun playing with the Volcanics and the Surf Kings, both great bands in their own ways. It was also cool to finally play at the Che Cafe. Hopefully next time there'll be more people there. Setlist: It Came From Red Alert!, Well Trained to Play Catch, The Wedge, Misrlou, Coated In Oil, Avanti, Shake It Down, Filibuster on the Dance Floor, Boris Biohazard, My Barometer Collection, Pollution in the Ocean, Spaghetti Western, Happy in a Cage, Voo Doo Juice, Our Favorite Martian, Surfari, Untitled New Song, Coca-Cola Death Squad.

Sunday, Dec. 8th 2002 @ The Xanth!
    7PM - 11PM $7
Notes: Saving Face didn't play, their friends did. Doesn't matter, they sucked, as did Bluntside. Devotchka was AWESOME! I was kind of skeptical because I had listenned to their MP3s and I didn't really like the production on their vocal tracks. Lets just say that live everything was awesome about them. In ode to them we've changed the title of Boris Biohazard to Hey Devotchka. Amanda Woodruff played synth with us. We sounded pretty damn good, too bad there was such a small crowd. Setlist: Voo Doo Juice, Coated In Oil, Devotchka Rocks (aka Hey Devotchka aka Boris Biohazard), Well Trained to Play Catch, Coca-Cola Death Squad, My Barometer Collection, Walk Don't Run, Avanti, Filibuster on the Dance Floor, Surfari, Popcorn, It Came From Red Alert, The Wedge, The Long Ride Home (spaghetti western), Happy in a Cage.

Friday, December 27th @ Soma!
    $6 at the door
    7:30 PM
Notes: It was awesome to finally play with Altaire 6. Those guys are rad. Things were hectic with all the extra members. Amanda Woodruff on keys, Alex Jones on rhythm guitar, and a surpise (even to us) appearance by Chris Hampton on saxaphone. We tried some new songs which didn't turn out that great, mainly because there was nothing in the monitors and the sound guys had all the levels way off. We were tired and things were unorganized, but the place was packed and the crowd was dancing like crazy. Mission: SUCCESS! Setlist: Happy In a Cage, The Wedge, Well Trained to Play Catch, Voo Doo Juice, You Better Tell Me Now, Hey Devotchka, My Barometer Collection, Give Him a Great Big Kiss, Telstar

Sunday, March 23th 2003 @ Che Cafe!
   with Train Vs. Auto, The Altaire 6, the Creepy Creeps!
   8pm - $5 - All Ages
Notes: What an amazing show. This was our first show with our new drummer Paul. We didn't even ever get a chance to practice with him as a full band. Lets just say that besides on Voo Doo Juice, you couldn't tell. This was one our best shows ever. Amanda (Agent Beta) played the Farfisa and Scott played the theremin for part of Telstar (the monitors were busted though, so he couldn't really hear himself that well). There was lots of dancing going on and the crowd demanded an enore of Misirlou. I (1460) passed out during the middle of it, we went nuts, and we kept going! The other bands were amazing as well. We hope to do it again at the end of June. Setlist: Happy in a Cage, Voo Doo Juice, Hey Devotchka, Well Trained to Play Catch, Yozora No Hoshi, My Barometer Collection, The Long Ride Home, Filibuster on the Dance Floor, Popcorn, Pollution in the Ocean, You Better Tell Me Now, The Wedge, Coca-Cola Death Squad, It Came From Red Alert, Telstar. Encore: Misirlou into Hava Nagila!

June 21st, 2003 @ a private party.
Notes: We were a bit rusty, but it was fun to play. Setlist was something like this: Walk Don't Run, Well Trained to Play Catch, Hey Devotchka, My Barometer Collection, The Long Ride Home, Pollution in the Ocean, Shake'n'Stomp, Pipeline, You Better Tell Me Now, Malaguena + Misirlou, Popcorn, Filibuster on the Dance Floor, Having an Average Weekend, Walk On Water, Yozora No Hoshi, Telstar, She's Not There (The Zombies)

Friday, July 4th 2003 @ Skateboard Heaven!

The Bandits, The Strangers, The Defects, The Apples, The Drapes, Disown, MiGs, plus guests TBA.
Punk/Psychobilly Show
12pm-8pm, $5, All Ages
339 12th Ave (Between J & K ST in Downtown SD)
Notes: Skateboard Heaven is a rad place for shows! It had a definate footclan feel to it. This was an all day thing with bands and skateboarding going on simultaneously. Before us the MiGs played. They are a surf band of amazingly talented musicians. Visit their website. Their rendition of Immigrant Song was very entertaining. We closed up the show. Thanks to everybody who came and stuck around. A bunch of people really enjoyed the show. The show was ended by Paul smashing through his drumset and me falling to the ground in front of the stage. Setlist: Filibuster on the Dance Floor, Happy in a Cage, Having an Average Weekend (SMOASP), Voo Doo Juice (The Ghouls), Coated in Oil, Avanti (Supertones), The Long Ride Home, Telstar (Tornados), Popcorn (Hot Butter), Coca-Cola Death Squad, Shake It Down, Malaguena (Trashmen), (a request for) Walk Don't Run, Don't Go (world premier), and then a spontaneous closing of the Wedge into Misirlou.

Friday, August 22nd 2003 @ Che Cafe!

Kissing Tigers, C is for Cookie, the Video Armageddon, and Put Down That Science Pole!
8pm, $5, All Ages
Notes: Great show, good turnout! I'd say that we played a really good set. We all had lots of fun. Many thanks to Manoli for putting on the show and letting us play. Farewell to the Video Armageddon--great last show. Setlist: Put It On (Richie Allen), Happy in a Cage, Our Favorite Martian (Bobby Fuller Four), My Barometer Collection, Walk On Water, New Song, Names Of Numbers (Man...or Astro-man?), Jezebel, The Wedge (Dick Dale), Surfari (Original Surfaris), Well Trained to Play Catch -- extended, It Came from Red Alert (Frank Klepacki), a request for Having An Average Weekend (Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet), Misirlou (with little bits of Hava Nagila and Malaguena jammed in).

Thursday, September 18th 2003 @ The Muse

w/ the Lowest Common Denominators and somebody else
All Ages, Free
Notes: Ok, so Amanda, Paul, and I show up and none of the other bands are there yet. We're told that the show is supposed to start at 9PM. We wait around. Rad kids show up and hang out outside.. 10PM rolls around, no sign of any of the other bands, no sign of Scott (with all our stuff).. The guy in the Muse says that since nobody's here he's just going close up! We ask him to wait a little bit. Scott shows up soon after--his Scooter had died on the way home from school. We then packed all our stuff into the back of this record shop and played a very fun set. It was a lot of fun! As we kept playing more and more people started coming in. There was dancing. I am very thankful to the guy working there for staying open and letting us play. Thanks to everybody who came out for coming out!
Setlist: (not the exact order, but a good guestimate until I find the setlist sheet) My Barometer Collection Pollution in the Ocean The Wedge It came From Red Alert Filibuster on the Dance Floor New Song Coca-Cola Death Squad Jezebel Well Trained to Play Catch Give Him a Great Big Kiss Telstar Popcorn Hava Nagila Having an Average Weekend Walk On Water Happy in a Cage

Westcoast Mini-Tour:
Nov. 14, Santa Cruz, Cedar House.
Nov. 15, Santa Cruz, Bixby House.
Nov. 15, Fremont (SF bay), The Mojo Lounge, 21+, 9PM.
Nov. 16, San Francisco, Club Milk 1840 Haight St., all-ages, 4:30PM (2PM doors).

Tuesday, December 16th 2003 @ Che Cafe

w/ Red Pony Clock, Bunky, and the Loyal Sons and Daughters
8PM, All-Ages, Free! (Donations for touring band), Awesome!

Friday, December 19th 2003 @ Hot Monkeylove Cafe

w/ 9 other bands and a Beatles cover band.
All Ages, 6PM - 2AM. $5
We go on at 8PM.